And Now For Something Completely Different

January 13, 2012

Most technical blogs seem to start out with a post detailing all of the interesting tools the author used to contstruct that site. Well it looks like it’s finally come time for me to have a blog of my own, and while I have learned a lot from this project (and used some pretty neat frameworks like Blogofile, Blueprint, and Typogrify), I’ll save the full discussion for another day. If you’d like to see right away how I put this all together, the source is available on GitHub.

Instead, I’ll simply say that I greatly appreciate the wisdom I’ve gained from others who contribute to sites similar to this one. There have been countless times when I’ve been searching for a solution to a problem so specific I thought I’d never find an answer. But then I find that some kind soul has run into the exact same dilemma and has taken the time to share their solution with the world. Hopefully through this blog I’ll be able to share my own solutions to esoteric problems and help others avoid the situation depicted below.

Wisdom of the Ancients

Wisdom of the Ancients by Randall Munroe / CC BY-NC 2.5

Either that or it’ll be something pretty for potential employers to admire.